Recycling Is Good For Environment . .

But stinks for businesses and citizens

Salinas police said Wednesday they have arrested a man suspected of stealing about 300 bronze vases in the past week from Garden of Memories Cemetery on Abbott Street.

Officers arrested Paul Bruno, 55, who was seen removing vases from the cemetery and selling them at area recycling centers, police said.

Recycling was supposed to be a good thing, but now it’s bringing criminals into our neighborhoods and workplaces. First we had roving bands cleaning out curbside recycle bins that were meant to help keep disposal costs down, now we have modern day grave robbers desecrating cemeteries, and recently thieves stealing copper plumbing and wiring – causing thousands of dollars in damage for a few bucks worth of wine or meth.

Scrap dealers now need to be regulated like pawnbrokers. Get positive ID on anyone bringing scrap metals . .

Recycling Good For Environment . .