Business Slow? Blame The Streetlights

Two damaged Victorian-era streetlights in Pacific Grove have residents and business owners worried about safety and possible loss of business.

Former Mayor Jeanne Byrne said some on the City Council ran for office on the issue of fixing city facilities, including streetlights.

“We are losing businesses downtown, and having things like this doesn’t encourage new businesses to invest,” said Byrne, chairwoman of the downtown business improvement district.

Streetlight Original

The light in front of the gas station-turned produce stand is not of Victorian heritage, it’s a 1995 version that replaced the nice tall 60s streetlights (that REALLY lit the street). One point is the driver that broke it is liable. Other point is that the property where it’s in front of really does not need 4 wide driveways – it’s not a gas station anymore. PG can eliminate 3 of them. (that would give Victorian Corner and Favaloros owners/employees more all day parking spaces!!)

At least shorten the driveway and get the post away from traffic

Streetlight Less Driveway

Or move it up to the corner with the bench, bus shelter, trash can & sickly tree.

Streetlight Moved

Business Slow? Blame The Streetlights