P.G. Man Arrested For Drug Shipment

After federal investigators intercepted a package containing a supposed “date-rape” drug, Pacific Grove police said they arrested a man who accepted the illegal shipment Thursday.

Officers arrested Michael McClure Veitengruber, 25, of Pacific Grove, on charges of receiving the drug Ketamine by mail. Police said Ketamine is a prescription tranquilizer most commonly used on animals.

The agency reported that in high doses, Ketamine produces an effect known as a “K-Hole,” “out of body,” or “near-death” experience. “Due to its dissociative effect,” the DEA reported, “it is reportedly used as a date-rape drug.”

The case began on Aug. 28, when investigators at the Los Angeles International Airport mail facility randomly checked a parcel shipped from the United Kingdom and addressed to M. Veitengruber in Pacific Grove.

On Aug. 31, officers arranged a “controlled delivery” of the package containing Ketamine. Police said Veitengruber accepted the parcel and was arrested.

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P.G. Man Arrested For Drug Shipment