Susan Goldbeck Pushes For Holman’s Hotel

Susan Goldbeck writes in the Hear-Old:

In the long term, the key to this new direction for our town is the building of a Victorian hotel on the site of the old El Carmelo Hotel, where the Holman Building now sits. This venue, which has always been a focal point of our community, would include meeting rooms, retail stores and parking. It would attract small meetings of business people from the San Francisco Bay Area and San Joaquin Valley, where 80 percent of our visitors come from.

There’s a reason the El Carmlelo Hotel is no longer – it was a major flop. Got disassembled and moved to Pebble Beach.

Holman hotel

The model of Nader Agha’s 600 room hotel looks hideous, IMHO. And we don’t really look forward to fighting hundreds of rental cars clogging 68 or Lighthouse. Earthquakes and 9/11 should have taught you that banking on tourism is not something to always count on.

Not to mention 600 more shower heads gushing our limited water and 600 more toilets flushing into our famous sewers.

Susan Goldbeck Pushes For Holman’s Hotel