Anti Haters Hate On Trump And Lose Gig

P.G. authors pen a book that shows a dislike of republicans’ ideas and get fired from an R.V. Association. Most RVs in that association must be of the 6 figure luxury slide out variety and not the used up school bus of crispy critters kind.

Baker said the group suspended the Herzogs’ media tour on June 29. The decision was “difficult,” but the organization’s principals are “nonpartisan” on both federal and state levels.

Baker said the organization has to focus on building and maintaining positive working relationships on both sides of the aisle on legislative and regulatory issues

“As spokespersons for (RVIA), the Herzogs’ decision to merchandise a book that does not meet the nonpartisan position of our organization distracted from our core values of political neutrality,” said Baker in the statement.

The Herzogs were shocked by the decision. They were five days into a 50-day media tour when the news hit.

Anti Haters Hate On Trump And Lose Gig