One Way Lighthouse Avenue?

The idea that wont die. Thanks tourists.

Lighthouse Ave Traffic

Monterey plans to make changes on Lighthouse Avenue both in the long term and the short term, and it could result in the artery becoming a one-way street.

The Lighthouse Destination Plan shows Lighthouse Avenue becoming a one way street heading toward downtown Monterey, and expanding Foam Street to three lanes heading one way toward Pacific Grove.

The avenue has grown more congested with a growing hospitality industry and with the closures of roads on the Presidio to the public following the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Deal said in addition to making Lighthouse a one-way street other options are being explored. The city is talking about keeping the lane changes likely to happen this spring, with three lanes heading into downtown Monterey and one lane headed into Pacific Grove, and it is looking at making Hawthorn a one-way to give people another way to travel.

One Way Lighthouse Avenue?