This Year's School Tax Vote Fails

Lots of taxes passed for ‘education’ and all I can see is parking lots and football stadiums.

measure g trash

In Pacific Grove, residents failed to pass Measure G, the Pacific Grove Unified School District-backed proposal that asked taxpayers to pay about $30 per every $100,000 of their assessed home value for tech devices and programs for the district’s schools.
But the measure, which had the support of the Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association, fell short of the 55 percent it needed to pass, receiving 2,030 Yes votes (51.51 percent) to 1,911 No votes (48.49 percent).
Backers had said the funds would have been collected for 20 years in a series of short-term, low-interest bonds and would generate about $27.8 million for the district to purchase computers, electronic tablets — such as iPads — update security cameras, and implement statewide technology requirements for testing and learning.

This Year’s School Tax Vote Fails