P.G. Bank Robber Branching Out

To other areas. At first glance at the picture I thought she looked like Carmelita.
Cristine Padilla BW Mayor Garcia With Robbers Hat

Back in December the woman robbed the Monterey Credit Union in Pacific Grove. Police believe she could be tied to robbing four different banks along the Central Coast.

The woman walked into the Monterey Credit Union cool, calm, and collected with nothing suspicious about her. She even had a brief conversation with the teller and that’s when the seemingly harmless lady turned dangerous, police said.

She told the teller it was robbery, that she had gun and there were people outside with guns. That’s when she opened her purse and flashed a pistol, investigators said.

Three more robberies in San Luis Obispo County have police thinking it’s the same culprit. “Very similar MO’s very similar descriptions for the person,” said Pacific Grove Police Officer Jon Miller.

P.G. Bank Robber Branching Out