Downtown Struggles While It’s Crossroads Undergo “Beautification”

Pavels, Grove Market, PG Florist all are losing customers and Moe Ammar says “This is the best thing that’s happened since I’ve been here, period!”.

Baghdad Moe

The main intersection of downtown Pacific Grove, Forest and Lighthouse, is blocked because of a safety and beautification project and will be closed until April 8, causing significant business losses for even very popular stores near the intersection as shoppers avoid the area because they’re worried they won’t be able to get through or find a place to park.

Sidewalk Reconstruction Road Closed

My question is how will this bit of concrete mix with the five different sidewalk styles that exist at the intersection?


You have exposed aggregate
Sidewalk Exposed Aggregate

There’s a diamond pattern (my personal favorite)
Sidewalk Diamond Pattern

A five squares from store to curb pattern
Sidewalk Five Squares

Another side has three squares from store to curb.
Sidewalk Reconstruction Three Squares

And a real brick veneer
Sidewalk Brick Veneer

Downtown Struggles While It’s Crossroads Undergo “Beautification”