No Marijuana Selling In Monterey

No Pot Club

Monterey medical marijuana patients’ dreams of a dispensary in their town went up in smoke Wednesday night, as City Council voted 3-2 to permanently ban dispensaries in all zones within city limits.

“I’m disappointed, but not surprised,” says Richard Rosen, the Salinas-based lawyer for MyCaregiver Cooperative, Inc., the now-defunct medical marijuana cooperative that was raided by city inspectors in February after allegedly violating a court order to stop dispensing pot. That case is still being tried in Monterey Superior Court.

No Marijuana Selling In Monterey

1 thought on “No Marijuana Selling In Monterey

  1. It’s about time that this place got the boot. They have been lying through their gold teeth since they opened. The only people who profited on this venture were their lawyers. Finally, there is an eviction notice on the door.
    Did attorney Rosen ever do anything for them other than mouth off about how bad this was?

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