Property Owner Trying To Evict Pot Shop

Richard Rosen, lol

After a three-day hearing, Judge Lydia Villarreal asked for written final arguments from attorneys for the MyCaregiver Cooperative and directors Jhonrico Carrnshimba and Mark Rowland.

The three are accused of contempt of court for allegedly violating an October 2010 court injunction by continuing to operate as a medical marijuana outlet on Lighthouse Avenue.

The medical marijuana co-op has appealed the earlier ruling to the state Court of Appeals. To obtain the injunction, the city said the outlet violated the city’s 2010 moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries.

The owner of the New Monterey building also has gone to court to evict the co-op, but that case has been held in abeyance pending the outcome of the contempt-of-court case.

Richard Rosen, attorney for the co-op corporation, filed defense papers arguing that the injunction on which the contempt charges are based is, itself, a flawed city law.

Property Owner Trying To Evict Pot Shop

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  1. Drove by there on Friday and saw a note taped to the door with a Sheriff’s mark on it. Maybe they finally got the bums rush they deserved.
    Score: PG 1, Dispensary 0
    Monterey 1, Dispensary 0
    Lawyers get $$, the black market stays in business.
    mj green

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