Pollacci Plea Bargains In Rape Trial


Pollacci made his plea the same day his trial was set to begin. Nine women were scheduled to testify that they were raped by the Pebble Beach man over the past three decades.

In 2008, a woman went into a Pacific Grove liquor store where Pollacci worked to buy water, prosecutor Michael Breeden said. Pollacci asked the woman to go on a lunch date with him and she agreed.

“They went to lunch a second time, and he took her to the travel trailer,” Breeden said. “She did not want to go in. He raped her once they were inside.”

In April 2007, he went on a dinner date with another woman and also forced her into his parent’s travel trailer and raped her, Breeden said. The trailer was parked at the Monterey airport at the time.

Pollacci Plea Bargains In Rape Trial