Runaway Mayor Reappears To Save Us

Save us from water shortages as he turns cheek and runs away from the desalination supporters. What about a new dam on the Carmel river? Voters supported that way before any other money wasting projects.

Dan Cort Bailn Like Palin

Option 1, pipeline:

For $25 million, we could build a pipeline from the Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency plant back to the communities on the Peninsula, where this water originates. MRWPCA treats all the sewage that comes from the cities of Pacific Grove and Monterey. Once the water is treated, it is used to irrigate about 12,000 acres of Salinas farmland, then approximately 10,000 acre-feet is emptied into Monterey Bay.

A pipeline can deliver that wasted water back to the golf courses, parks and public areas of the Peninsula.

Option 2, gray water:

Our communities have the option to mandate that all residents make use of gray water. Our county Health Department and most of our Peninsula cities support the use of gray water, which uses recycled water from showers and sinks to flush toilets and irrigate our gardens. A residential retrofit costs less than $2,000 per household and can save upward of 30 percent of water use in a normal home.

Option 3, David Avenue Reservoir:
A huge untapped asset is the David Avenue Reservoir. This phenomenal resource, built in 1897 by Chinese immigrants, served Pacific Grove and New Monterey for decades.

Runaway Mayor Reappears To Save Us

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