Who Wants More Motels On P.G.’s Shoreline?

Our elected tax grubbers, and Moe.

American Tin Cannery Outlets – Future Motel?
American Tin Cannery

No, please don’t build more motels on the beaches. Are more rooms really what we need? The crusty motels need to provide the customers their money’s worth. Tear down some of those Brokaw Halls they call lodges and build something worth coming to.

ATC should be torn down and made into a condo. Corral all them part time residents into their own vacation home paradise.

And tell Moe he can make more money selling parking spots to the ‘good ol boys club’ at his new gaudy tourist information center. I see way more cars in that lot than people in the building. What’s going on there?

Visions of tax revenues from new hotel rooms are dancing in the heads of city officials. They estimate about 80 hotel rooms could be added at existing properties, which would bring in up to $300,000 a year more to city coffers. Even more bed tax money would be generated by new hotels near Lovers Point and the Monterey Bay Aquarium where the American Tin Cannery sits.

Representatives from the business community told the council the city should pick up the tab. Moe Ammar, leader of the local Chamber of Commerce, for example, said that since the city would gain thousands of dollars in increased bed tax from new guest rooms, the city should pay.

But residents who spoke to the council said the businesses should pay.

The council split the difference, voting 6-0 that the city would put up half the money if the hospitality industry put up the other half. The city is waiting for a response..

Who Wants More Motels On P.G.’s Shoreline?

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  1. According to city officials, the operators of Lighthouse Lodge and Suites, Jacci and Brian Pflieger, owe $231,602 in transient occupancy tax — the 10 percent tax innkeepers in Pacific Grove collect from visitors and are required to pay to the city every quarter, the city’s budget director said.

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