Pot Shop In Contempt?

Assistant City Manager Fred Cohn said the city filed notice Tuesday requesting the court ask MyCaregiver “to explain why it should not be held in contempt.”

Friday’s search, he said, turned up marijuana and documents indicating marijuana transactions were taking place at the co-op at 554 Lighthouse Ave.

Attorney Richard Rosen, who represents MyCaregiver co-founder Jhonrico Carr-Nshimba, said the city brought the contempt action “based on small technicalities about zoning and business licenses. It is completely ignoring the big issue, which is why is it legal everywhere else in California except Monterey?”

Pot Shop In Contempt?

3 thoughts on “Pot Shop In Contempt?

    • How come CVS can get away with sales of Marinol?

      Uhh, because it’s controlled, uniformly dosed and approved by the Fed?

  1. What a load of crap. The only person who’s going to make out on this is the lawyer. This dispensary has been in trouble since they opened. This is the second set of shyster attorneys they have had since they opened. Word on street is that their pot sucks and if you’ve seen the dude with the grills, what a loser.

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