Poor, Poor New Monterey Alarmed At DLI Expansion Plans

Howard looks at increasing numbers of DLI students as a bad thing? In a part of town where newly built storefronts sit empty next to storefronts that have been empty for years.

French Glass, May 2009
French Glass

Another new empty building, January 2011

French Glass Gone

New Monterey is “the largest community in Monterey, and the most isolated,” said Howard Fosler, president of the New Monterey Neighborhood Association, as he opened a meeting Monday night at Hilltop Center to talk about issues facing the area.

The Presidio of Monterey sprawls between the old and new city, and with its gates closed since 2001 to public traffic, has increased the isolation of the neighborhood.

An increase in the student population will drive up rental costs in the area as military men and women seek off-base housing, Fosler said, and more students means more traffic.

Poor, Poor New Monterey Alarmed At DLI Expands