One Way Lighthouse Ave Is Not My Way

Lighthouse Ave Traffic

Ever get the feeling that these traffic experts ride the bus all the time? Kind of like having priests counsel on marriage. Dedicating traffic lanes to buses will not reduce anything when no one rides them. Take out some sidewalks that are always empty to make more room on the narrow avenue or make the buses use Foam or Hawthorne. Or make Holman Highway 4 lanes all the way.

Making Lighthouse Avenue one-way through New Monterey remains the preferred model for easing vehicle traffic on the crowded city street, improving safety and making it more bus and pedestrian friendly, according to city planners.

Monterey traffic engineer Rich Deal, senior planner Kimberly Cole and principal planner Elizabeth Caraker met residents and business owners Wednesday to hear their comments on the proposed Lighthouse Area Specific Plan. Another workshop is at 5p.m. Nov. 30 at the city’s Hilltop Park Center.

The one-way model, Deal said, would allow improved traffic flow toward Monterey and could include a dedicated bus lane that would speed up bus service by reducing the time needed for curbside stops.

One Way Lighthouse Ave Is Not My Way

4 thoughts on “One Way Lighthouse Ave Is Not My Way

  1. They widened the street before, but it still is congested in the afternoon. Notice that traffic is most busy when its light outside?

    • Street is just as narrow as it ever was. Back in the 80s when the utilities were placed underground was the perfect chance to reduce the sidewalks. Didn’t do it, the merchants protested.

    • After some thinking (now there I am really dangerous) I got a plan. Make some of the side streets one lane and put P.G. style diagonal parking on some of them, That can help increase parking, enough to eliminate parking on one side of Lighthouse. Take out at least 3 traffic lights.

      Send the buses on Foam & Hawthorne. Keep the main avenue open for car traffic in 4 lanes. Bicycles already have the old railroad right of way.

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