Dope Hope? Um, Nope

No Pot Club

The council initially approved the moratorium at its Jan. 19 meeting for a 45-day period in response to the opening of a medical marijuana club, MyCaregiver Inc., at 554 Lighthouse Ave.

Other factors included uncertainty about federal and state laws, lack of specific mention of such facilities in Monterey’s municipal code, and increases in crime in cities where the dispensaries are permitted, particularly burglaries,robberies and illegal sales related to marijuana transactions.

Dope Hope? Um, Nope

4 thoughts on “Dope Hope? Um, Nope

  1. How smart of the city of Monterey to assume that crime would increase near a dispensary. They obviously don’t read or do any real research. Crimes are higher for liquor stores, jewelry stores, and banks. Didn’t they notice that Pacific Grove has had three pharmacies robbed of Oxy in the last year. Duh.

  2. Since it has opened, I haven’t seen any sick people there picking up their pot. Just a bunch of kids with notes from their fradulent doctors.

  3. Interesting when the choice is to not implement the laws voted on by the people and found in the Health and Safety Codes. Interesting that a proposed ordinance that lumps together “medical need” with “recreational usage” is written, presented and considered while providing no respect to alternative medical therapeutic techniques proven to work for many medical conditions…………what is being said to us? That the compassionate use act is to be ignored?
    Medical conditions are private and very personal. It is nice to know that we “do not look sick”, the support mechanisms offered at MyCaregiver by a broad base of “members helping members” works. We care about each other first. Our members work to orchestrate a safe, holistic space so we can heal. No one wants to be ill or injured. Much Respect

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