Pebble Beach Art Theft Updates

Checking in on the Pebble Beach Art Theft story. This thing is all over the map it seems. Gay bashing, friend’s fathers who pilot helicopters, what next?

KSBW has the complaint file in a .pdf

Dr. Ralph Kennaugh and Angelo Amadio reported the theft of millions of dollars of artwork on Sept. 25, 2009, saying the missing collection contained works by Jackson Pollock, Van Gogh, Miro and Rembrandt.

No arrests were ever made, none of the missing art turned up, and the Sheriff’s Office subsequently talked about charging the two men with filing a false police report or insurance fraud.

The reported theft drew widespread publicity after Kennaugh and Amadio offered a $1million reward for the return of the artwork. But the Sheriff’s Office, within a few days, was painting a different picture of the case, suggesting that something was not right about the big art heist.

Pebble Beach Art Theft Updates