Moe Predicts A Bad US Open Windfall

Moe blathers from his butt about this month’s “greatest thin that could happen”. Pacific Grove could have more revenues if they’d bring in what people want when they are visiting.

Moe Ammar believes the U.S. Open will be “the greatest thing that could happen” to the local economy.

But Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, is the first to admit that this year’s U.S. Open won’t be as lucrative as 2000, the last time the tournament came to Pebble Beach.

While many hotel rooms on the Peninsula were reserved long ago for U.S. Open week, there are rooms to be had with tournament play just four days away.

Ammar’s survey last week showed Pacific Grove’s 28 hotels and motels are 81 percent booked for the U.S. Open — down from 96 percent a week before the 2000 tournament.

Moe Predicts A Bad US Open Windfall

4 thoughts on “Moe Predicts A Bad US Open Windfall

  1. What sometimes amazes me is Moe’s regularly disparaging updates to the City Council on how PG is number 18 (or some such) among tourist attractions. Given the Cozy City-Chamber Culture, no one seems to ask if the Chamber is making any progress in turning it around.

  2. I don’t trust anything that he says, his numbers are always too easy, like 2,000, why not 1,957? No one seems to verify anything he says. He once wanted to sell me his car & said it was rebuilt. I didn’t want it but later he mentioned that it was rebuilt 100,000 miles prior….

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