Moe’s Bike Race Closes Street, Attracts Few

Street was shut down all day. Aside from the bicycle riders, I’ve seen more people at a foggy farmers’ market.

Perfect weather, an easy viewing venue and upward of 300 racing entries still didn’t make the 2010 Pacific Grove Butterfly Criterium a big draw for spectators.

The race, sponsored by the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce with the cooperation of the city, was organized by Central Coast cycling clubs Ghost Tree Racing and VOS Racing.

Moe’s Bike Race Closes Street, Attracts Few

3 thoughts on “Moe’s Bike Race Closes Street, Attracts Few

  1. A flop. Where is Moe saying it’s the best thing for PG in June? One of those tents fell over & 3 guys rode into it.

  2. This racket roused me from my hangover slumber on Sunday morning.
    The commentator sounded like a boring drone.
    I got grief for walking my pup around, even behind the tape.
    I didn’t move my car all day, it was just a hassle, too many roadblocks.



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