Pet Store Owners Growling At New Dog In Town

It this not what’s wrong with P.G. these days? Low volume specialty stores that contribute less in sales tax revenue think that they are entitled to some kind of protection by the city. That kind of thinking drives me out of town to shop.

Six small, locally owned P.G. pet businesses – Stone’s Pet Shop, Best Pets and Posh Pets, plus three grooming services – are leading a protest of the chain store they say could shut them down.

“They’re picking on the little kids on the playground,” says Stone’s co-owner Tom Radcliffe.

Radcliffe is upset Pet Extreme plans to open a store just a short sprint from Stone’s, into the 7,000-plus-square-foot space vacated by Hollywood Video in the Country Club Gate Center.

CC Gate video store

Pet Store Owners Growling At New Dog In Town

3 thoughts on “Pet Store Owners Growling At New Dog In Town

  1. Oh, it looks real nice:

    Self Service Dog Wash
    Low Cost Pet Vaccination Services:

    * Rabies $10
    * 5 in 1 (DAP + Parvo) $17
    * Corona$15
    * Bordetella $15
    * Leptospirosis (4-way) $15
    * Lyme* $20
    * Parvo$12
    * Rattle Snake $20
    * Dental Vaccine $20
    * H3N8 Influenza $25

    MICROCHIP PET ID with lifetime registration $39

  2. I went to Mr. Stones pet store for a harnes for my new Doberman mix. It cost me $40. After the dog chewed through it I went to Pest Co. and they had a ton of em same thing for $19.99. P.G could use a good store.

  3. I don’t think the Stones have owned the shop in years. Back when they did it was a real pet store with dogs, cats, rats, birds, fish, reptiles, etc. Now it’s mostly a bird store. With some expensive dog & cat accessories to fleece the people. Frontline at full price, pft. When I bought Frontline the clerk asked for dog or cat. I replied “Pacific Grove mountain lion”. She looked shocked and thought I was serious.

    Posh Pets appeals to a completely different person. They may pay Stones prices, but the items (listed on a web site, credit that) are looney. Cat Man Doo Extra Large Bonito Flakes 4oz = $24. Well they are in downtown PG where a plate of noodles and bread can cost $28 so a quarter Benjamin for 4 oz. of cat treats is comparable I guess.

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