Pollacci Rape Trial: Fear Of Revealing Loft Bedroom

In the tiny mind of Tom Pollacci, the liquor store business is more important than the well being of another human. Didn’t he read that illegal apartments can be made legit?

Pollacci and the woman had consensual sex once many years earlier, after she had been through a nasty divorce and before she moved out of state. He said they ended up in the loft of his liquor store, drinking wine and talking, on the night in question.

When she told him to stop, he did, telling her he wanted her to be there of her own free will. She stayed, they had a good time and slept together, Liu told the jury.

“Then, around 2 a.m., disaster strikes,” he said. As she was leaving the loft, she fell off the stairs, which had no railing and were described as steep, dangerous and “hellacious,” and “took a header,” Liu said.

But instead of calling 911, Pollacci panicked, thinking of the illegal living space he had upstairs.

By the way, the store is Ron’s Liquors at 613 Lighthouse Ave.

Pollacci Rape Trial: Fear Of Revealing Loft Bedroom