Feast Of Lanterns Fate Is Sealed (hint: it’s 90% canceled)

Destiny being fulfilled. Bankrupt the events that are the heart & soul of what’s fun about P.G. then turn it into some preachy politically correct show that no one really wants to go to. Finally bring it back all sanitized. About as genuine as a Victorian retreat house torn down, re-constructed with zero original material and awarded a historical artifact sign.

Empty FOL beach

But hey, without the cost of putting on the week long summer festival, we can pay for a new website, city slogan and a tourist trolley, right?

There will still be a Queen Topaz and her court, but no fireworks. The pageant will take place in the middle school auditorium, not at the Lovers Point Pier. The festival will run two days, rather than a full week.

“Some events are being dropped,” said Feast of Lanterns president Sue Renz, “and others restructured.”

Feast Of Lanterns Fate Is Sealed (hint: it’s 90% canceled)

5 thoughts on “Feast Of Lanterns Fate Is Sealed (hint: it’s 90% canceled)

  1. lol The Feast of Lanterns are the “heart and soul of what’s fun”? This town really is a boring @ss place.

  2. I guess it’s time to say Good-bye to P.G. and move on… the hometown spirit is dying fast.

  3. It’s weird how its restructured to take place in so many places. Sure gonna miss that salad thing it was a chance to meet those pretty princesses. A lot of the money goes to the princesses as scholarships.

  4. What no one seems to understand is this is NOT a city funded event. It is private donations that put this on year after year. If you care so much about it then DONATE!!

    • I’ll donate again when it returns to it’s former form. Get rid of the multiculturalism and just have fun. Get the businesses in town to donate.

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