Olga Ospina Gets $87,000 For Dead Dog

After turning down a settlement of $40,000 she finds that twice that amount is sufficient. But she still does not get what she originally wanted, to kill the other dog. Lighthouseavenue.com post, 11/9/07:

But Olga Ospina wanted a different result. “Please help me, put this dog down” she said at the hearing Aug. 16.

Olga Ospina

A Superior Court jury awarded $87,000 Tuesday to local television anchorwoman Olga Ospina, whose dog was fatally mauled in a Pacific Grove attack three years ago.

Ospina testified the incident was emotionally draining. In 2007, the city determined the Labrador was not vicious and required the dog to undergo behavioral training.

Olga Ospina Gets $87,000 For Dead Dog