Scott Miller Endorsed For Sheriff

After watching the spats between the other two candidates, the choice has to be obvious. I see the others on the TV news and must comment that neither one looks in shape to be a peace officer.

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The Monterey County Prosecutors’ Association endorsed candidate Scott Miller for sheriff Monday, after a “near unanimous” vote by its members.

Although he officially left the job as a retiree, he later said he was unfairly fired and ended up suing the city even as he successfully campaigned for City Council. An hour before being sworn in, he formally accepted a $150,000 settlement of the wrongful termination claim he filed against the city. Miller was the top vote-getter in that race for seats on the council.

Matheson said Miller is the only sheriff’s candidate who speaks Spanish, and would bring a “great intellect” to the office.

Scott Miller Endorsed For Sheriff

2 thoughts on “Scott Miller Endorsed For Sheriff

  1. When he was chief of PGPD, I asked him for some urgent assistance & he got back to me 18 months later. Had to ask the city council, who oversees him why he hasn’t contacted me. Have a signed letter from him stating it’s cause he didn’t know how to contact me. Isn’t that ironic? Why not write a letter? Is this what is called “great intellect”?


    Voters have not heard or seen much from all 3 candidates. The only thing that is obvious is the fact that Mr. Kanalakis should not receive a third term in office.

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