What’s REALLY Going On In The Hear-Old Newsroom?

Totally inappropriate.

When in a hurry to get the job done, I’ve seen them put ‘xxxx-xxxx’ in as a headline in the online story. But this editor has other things going on in their mind when writing the headline.

The link may be corrected by now, but at 9:30 am it read:
Herald Sexy Xxgg Headline

2 thoughts on “What’s REALLY Going On In The Hear-Old Newsroom?

  1. LOVE the new look of the site. Does this make it less schlocky?

    Maybe the Herald’s editor got turned on by the word “missionary.”

  2. Wednesday and it’s still there.

    I’ve wanted to switch to WordPress for a couple of years. The conversion was not easy and some bugs still remain while I look for easy fix. Biggest annoyance is the links in the titles. There should be a place somewhere to put the link to the original story, other than in the title.

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