Lisa “Bare It” Bennett Asks To De-fund Those “Quirky Civic Events”

Where would $25,000 be better spent, Feast Of Lanterns support or a new slogan to attract tourists?
Lisa is going out with a bang, too. Article states that Bennett is not planning to run for council this year.

Pacific Grove Councilwoman Lisa Bennett took aim this week at city sponsorship of two annual events she termed sacred cows, saying the city should not automatically underwrite them as it has in the past.

The annual Good Old Days festival and the Feast of Lanterns cost the city more than $40,000 through added police and fire protection as well as other city staff services, she said.

Lisa “Bare It” Bennett Asks To Defund Those “Quirky Civic Events”

3 thoughts on “Lisa “Bare It” Bennett Asks To De-fund Those “Quirky Civic Events”

  1. I have said this before, but I’ll try again. Where–exactly–do you expect money to come from without tourists? How is that logical? If Monterey had said “we don’t want more tourists,” they would be broke too, and nobody around here would have a fire department.
    Who is this “we” that resists everything that needs to happen in this town?

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