Let’s Spend $$ On A New Slogan To Attract More Tourists?

While library hours dwindle.

I wonder what the approval % would be like if there was a vote to spend revenues on attracting tourists.

Pacific Grove has an identity crisis, city leaders say. Butterfly Town USA, America’s Last Hometown and other catch phrases have left P.G. with an amorphous identity that fails even to hint at the city’s greatest attraction: its stunning coastline.

The city also has a calendar of quirky civic celebrations such as the Feast of Lanterns and the Good Old Days that make it a hard place to pin down. And that’s made it difficult to market Pacific Grove to tourists, the city contends. A recent study even suggested visitors are not aware of Pacific Grove and the attractions it offers.

Anyway – the best slogan is the truth – “Pacific Grove, For The Newly Wed & The Nearly Dead”

Let’s Spend $$ On A New Slogan To Attract More Tourists?

5 thoughts on “Let’s Spend $$ On A New Slogan To Attract More Tourists?

  1. You’ve hit on it! Of coarse, and it’s right under our collective noses. Our one and only unforgettably beautiful coastline including all the wonderful marine life that oh so visably inhabit it.
    . That’s what makes PG so different from any other place. The jaw dropping coastline views are what most people who have visited here remember the most and talk about to other people when they leave here. The breathtaking coastline makes us unique and unforgettable. Butterfly town USA or America’s last hometown sound so bland and uninteresting but when you have “A Coastline to Die for” and to not mention it in an advertising campaign is incredibly stupid.
    Lets put it this way. Say you’re visiting the area for the first time and some shmoe suggests you visit Butterfly Town or America’s last hometown. The first thing I would think would be. Sounds like a boring no where place. But if Joe shmoe said there’s a place called Pacific Grove, which has coastline views that take your breath away, and right off this rugged coastline are waters teeming with sea otters, seals, sea lions, whales, pelicans, etc. Man, I would be there in a flash with lines from Masefield’s “Sea Fever” flitting through my brain.

  2. Thought Mommar was going to use ‘America’s Most Romantic City’ & was getting it set with trademarks or whatever?

  3. As someone else stated, PG is a “boring no-where place”. The town closes down at 7pm. There’s nothing to do here. No amount of marketing will change that. There aren’t any places to go dancing here, there’s no nightlife to speak of. There was an open mic at one time, which was great for the youth, but the cops started coming around and busting kids for the heinous crime of being outside after 10pm.

    It’s a big retirement community just like it’s always been. Slow and boring. If they want people to come to PG, they need to bring the city back to life.

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