Feast Of Lanterns 2010 DOA

Dixie Layne began gutting the Feast Of Lanterns of it’s camp charm in 2009, declaring it was some sort of “multicultural celebration” and now has pretty much canceled the event for 2010. No week long summer celebration, no fireworks, no fun.

Like any number of Pacific Grove’s beautiful landmarks, the Feast of Lanterns needs renovating from to time. Its foundation is strong, but this beautiful old lady needs a new dress and accessories to sing a new song on a new stage to perform in her most awe inspiring tradition.
— Dixie Layne

That sounds a lot like a P.G. Remodel, where a 100 year old comfortable, small house is 99% torn down and a replica mini mansion is built in it’s place. Attracts the wine & cheese crowds ok, but offers nothing to the locals.

Dixie Layne

To Dixie Layne, our Feast Of Lanterns is just another “gig”. Got any tar & feathers?

Feast Of Lanterns 2010 DOA

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  2. Now it’s because of the $$.


    A cash-strapped Pacific Grove Feast of Lanterns may have to skip the fireworks that traditionally climax the summer festival, its outgoing board president told the City Council this week.

    Dixie Layne said the board needs to raise money to replace “worn-out infrastructure” related to the annual pageant held in late July, and to replace the costumes for Queen Topaz and her court. The board likely will skip the fireworks and present something shorter than the full week of events held in past years.

  3. so sad I remember this from my childhood and it was amazing…there is nothing like it. The pet parade was quite fun too…sounds like the city is draining the charm right out of Pacific Grove.

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