Wasted $$: Crazy Plan To Refill Reservoir

This was one of the “Runaway Mayor” Dan Cort’s sustainable schemes. Bad idea – especially for the residents that live north of the thing in case of an earthquake.

One reason I do not trust the city with more of my tax money.

A $45,000 study on the feasibility of reactivating California American Water’s empty reservoir in Pacific Grove as a catch basin for storm water runoff and a source of irrigation water for the city’s golf course and parks will be presented Wednesday to the Pacific Grove City Council.

Wasted $$: Crazy Plan To Refill Reservoir

1 thought on “Wasted $$: Crazy Plan To Refill Reservoir

  1. It cost us that $45,000 to tell us it will cost millions to rebuild the reservoir. Duh.


    Bringing the David Avenue Reservoir back online to provide irrigation water for Pacific Grove’s golf course, parks and landscaping would cost $12 million to $20 million, according to a report this week to the City Council.

    The report by consultant William Everest was the result of a $45,000 feasibility study funded by the city last year. The city is seeking a way to recycle storm water runoff to meet state requirements for managing storm water in areas of special biological significance, such as the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

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