Wave Street Studio Trying To Remix Parking Offset Cost

Man builds a TV studio in the middle of a tourist destination then has issues with parking requirements. Huh?

Looks like all that greenwashing didn’t amount to much. Was it worth it?
Wave Studio

The city, he said, led him to believe he would receive parking variances and water allocations in return for his restoration of the historic property and his “green” building practices with the new additions.

The minutes of the meeting show Mayor Chuck Della Sala adjourned it to allow Rerig to call Smith and see if he wished to attend. Rerig said Smith told him he considered the matter “a done deal,” didn’t plan to attend and didn’t care if the council took action or continued the matter.

He said the council cut Smith’s monthly parking fee payment in half, from $948 to $474 a month. He said Smith owes the city $12,326 in parking fees and has not been paying the monthly amount. No payments have been received in a year, Rerig said, and no penalties or interest charges are being levied by the city.

Wave Street Studio Trying To Remix Parking Offset Cost