Read Someone Else’s Books, No New Taxes

Measure J was close, but not close enough.

With all the votes counted, including the late ones and the questionable and damaged ballots, Monterey county Elections reports that Measure J, which would have funded our library with a $96 parcel tax, missed passage by a very scant margin.

Hear-Old reports it at 3 votes. Well, here was 2 of them:

Vote 2009
Two No On J Votes

I cannot support this or any other begging from the city until they show that they can manage what they have already.

Need a start?
– End all city supported funding of the ineffective Chamber Of Commerce.
– Cut all ties with “ICLEI”, the Local Governments for Sustainability.

Read Someone Else’s Books, No New Taxes

4 thoughts on “Read Someone Else’s Books, No New Taxes

  1. Just another attempt at an end-run around Proposition 13.
    I can just guess which way those “questionable and damaged ballots” went!!
    But, thankfully, it still wasn’t enough.

  2. Gee, you guys sure have strength in your convictions. Perhaps you can explain to little 7-year-old Sofia why there will be no more library. She lives for the story times on Wednesdays. She sacrificed all her birthday gifts to donate $150 to her favorite institution. And she doesn’t even have a job or own a house. I’m sure you can explain it to all her someday.
    However, I agree the PG Chamber should go away. Worthless, wasteful, incompetent, pompous, greedy. The MCCVB does just fine for the tourists. Bring back the Chautauqua events.

  3. Let the city explain to Sofia that they already spent the library’s money on a golf clubhouse, reservoir consultants, advertising consultants, lawyers, dues to Sustainable PG and more foolish things that do nothing for the residents that use the library.

  4. Haha!! halfbaked, you’re gettin’ me all teary-eyed… Bwuaaaahh!! 🙁

    Why should I have to explain ANYTHING to “little 7-year-old Sofia”? (Dang I’m waterin’ up again!)
    She’s not MY daughter.
    If she was I’D probably be reading her a story on Wednesdays, just as my parents (that’s plural) did for their children.

    I like the library just fine the way it is. Heck, I liked it before the remodel. (Were you around for that?)
    Why is it that humans have this innate desire to expand their sphere of influence?
    (Oh that’s right, they’re human… same reason “peace through dialogue” rarely works!)
    Next thing you know they’ll want to close Grand Avenue and expand the library into Jewell Park.
    Wait, they already tried that…

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