Fisherman’s Wharf Cracks Down On Signs

Better yet is my idea to legalize them and license them – after all they are advertising on public property.

Wharf signs

Officials and restaurant owners hope clearing the thoroughfare will lessen the amount of “chowder barking” — the practice of loudly offering free cups of clam chowder to visitors — on the wharf. The intrusive practices of chowder samplers are a major point of contention among competing wharf restaurant owners and the subject of visitor complaints.
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A local businessman gave Sabu Shake, who died in 1998, the life-size wooden statue of himself wearing a white cowboy hat and white suit.

“It’s been there a long time,” said Bob Massaro, the administrator for the Fisherman’s Wharf Association. “Folks stand beside it and get their picture taken. He was sort of a character, wore a cowboy hat all the time. Just a nice congenial person.”

Tom Gawel, general manager of Rappa’s Seafood Restaurant on the wharf, said he was asked to removed flower pots from the front of his restaurant. He plans to comply.

Fisherman’s Wharf Cracks Down On Signs