Jellyfish Out For Revenge

Hundreds of thousands of Chrysaora jellyfish feeding in the bay waters Monday damaged a filter screen on the aquarium’s water intakes, said Eric Quamen the aquarium’s facilities systems supervisor.

“From an operations standpoint, it’s a big deal. From the aquarium standpoint, it’s a minor inconvenience,” Quamen said. “The public would never notice.”

The jellyfish forced the aquarium to cancel its Ocean Explorers program Tuesday for fear that children participating could be stung, said aquarium spokeswoman Karen Jeffries.

“It’s like a bee sting and everyone reacts to it differently,” she said.

They all thought it could never happen here . . .
Sting Of Death

Jellyfish Out For Revenge

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  1. A bee? More like 1,000 bees. Bees sting once, these things have thousands of stingers.

    Monterey Bay Aquarium is on Facebook & they do update these stories there.

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