Cort Stands On Decision To Quit

City Hall Help Wanted

The droning swarm of gadflies done him in. He failed to get public comment put to the end through Joy Colon-Jello. Also had no spine – Costello would cut people off at the 3 minute limit.

Cort says his decision to resign is still firm: “I’m not changing my mind.”

While Dilworth’s recall threat isn’t the only reason he’s throwing in the towel, he says, it’s a “symptom” of a persistent lack of civility at P.G. City Council meetings. “I want this to be about respect and dialogue in government,” Cort says. “Meeting after meeting, a small group of people comes and disrupts and threatens our council. It really makes it difficult to get our work done. This insulting, demeaning behavior is something that’s gotta end.”

Cort Stands On Decision To Quit

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