Mayor Cort Quits When Faced With Recall

Must have called David Dilworth a moron in an email . . .

Dan Cort And David Dilworth

Not a very good Mayor in my opinion. Man has an agenda with all the U.N. Agenda 21 sustainable stuff. Wanted to close the streets to cars. Thought solar panel in foggy P.G. would benefit. Called citizens that voiced opinion ‘moron’. Failed to lead in the worst situations. Hope we can forget this man and return to common sense.

The best reporting so far is over at Cedar Street Times. Check it out.

“Today, I received an email from David Dilworth (attached) threatening me with a recall petition if I did not resign by 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, August 4, 2009. Mr. Dilworth stated that if I resigned “for family or other reason”, that the media and general public would never need to know of the recall effort. I believe this is an attempt to intimidate me into resigning before I am able to vote on the Police Officer Association contract that is on Wednesday’s Council Agenda

update – topic has been a media frenzy. Some links:

Mayor resigning after threat Good bunch of comments (Monterey Herald)

Cort said that Dilworth wrote in the e-mail that if Cort resigned “for family or other reasons,” that the media and general public wouldn’t need to know about the recall effort.

Mayor Resigning (KSBW)

In his resignation announcement, Cort said he wanted the residents of Pacific Grove to know of the recall effort and the “small band of citizens who are attempting to use bullying tactics and intimidation to get their way.”

Mayor Faces Recall or Resignation (KION)

Cort was re-elected as Mayor in November. According to a letter he wrote, he will resign effective August 31st. He calls the current situation a “negative environment” and the actions by his opponents “intimidating.”

The two man group speaking out in the recall campaign is activist David Dilworth and former councilmember Terrence Zito. Coincedentally, Dilworth also ran for a seat on the city council in November. He was not elected.

Zito? Famous for hugging parasite hosting critters..

Mayor Vows to Vote on Police Contract
Also the full letter from Dilworth(The Herald)

“Do not construe this as a negotiation,” Dilworth added, “nor is it up for discussion. I am authorized to let you know that if you publicly elect to resign ‘for family’ or any other reason before we begin gathering signatures … the people who have already signed have agreed that the media and the general public never need know about you facing a recall effort.”

Cort said it was ironic that a man who purports to crusade for open government would write such a letter, offering to keep the reasons for his resignation secret.

Hearold Editorial (The Herald)

Over the years, we have questioned many of Dilworth’s assertions, but have agreed with him on many positions. We have enjoyed his theatrical presentations to various boards and commissions. In this case, his tactics are no longer amusing or appropriate.

His note to Cort smacks of a ransom demand.

Does the ‘moran’ line work it’s way in? Small minded? (Coast Weakly)

While I am confident that the voters of Pacific Grove would see through the lies and deception of this small minded group, I do not believe it is in the best interest of the City, and its citizens, to spend the next six to twelve months distracted by a recall effort. The issues facing Pacific Grove, and cities throughout the State, are too important right now to be pushed aside for the personal vendetta of a few disgruntled complainers.

Dilworth’s email handle revealed – Along with unprofessional subject line:

From: David [mailto: ]
Sent: Monday, August 03, 2009 5:53 PM
Subject: Bad News: Resign or Recall

Dilworth plays the victim (The Herald)

Dilworth was outside City Hall before the meeting, where a table with recall petitions had been set up that drew three signatures by the time the council convened. He did not enter the council chambers.

Let’s see, 3 signatures. Dilworth, Zito and their pet raccoon.

Letters From The Editor (The Herald)

Why don’t you do some digging and find out more about Dilworth, whom you have elevated to a level of credibility he never deserve

Perhaps the only positive to arise from this ordeal is that Mr. Dilworth’s true colors have been exposed.

Mr. Dilworth lives from a trust fund with a job as “director” of his self-aggrandizing group, HOPE (Hating Other PEople?

Mayor Cort Quits When Faced With Recall

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  1. Chicago-style politics in the Grove. LOL.
    Cort, clearly is a failure as a mayor and as for Dilhole, he’s
    a tool.

    Laughable. This town is a joke.

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