Pollacci Goes To Trial

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Tom Pollacci

On April 19, 2008, she came to the Monterey Peninsula to visit a friend and, after driving around, went into Ron’s Liquors to buy a pack of cigarettes, according to testimony by retired Pacific Grove Police Cmdr. Tom Uretsky. Pollacci recognized her, the two chatted for a few minutes, and she asked if he could get her through the gate at Pebble Beach. He told her he could and entered his number in her cell phone under the contact name, “Thomas My Love.” The following day, she tried to reach him but couldn’t. Later, he called and invited her to stop by the store, which she did.

Please – do not spend your money at Pacific Grove businesses that employ sex offenders or domestic abusers.

Pollacci Goes To Trial

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  1. Care to elaborate on the “domestic abuser?” Are we talking of another family member?

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