Lovers Point Restrooms Locked Up

There once was a full time employee to do nothing but maintain bathrooms in the park? Where was that employee when it was “bad then”?

“It’s malicious, filthy,” she said. “There’s a very dirty, malicious group of people out there these days.”

Two years ago, the city had a person available all day to tend to the park restrooms, she said, and the problem was “bad then. It’s worse now.”

Lovers Point Restrooms Locked Up

2 thoughts on “Lovers Point Restrooms Locked Up

  1. I agree, the condition of the pissoir in the park is deplorable,
    judging by the ladies. The mens must surely be a bio-hazard.
    Would be a safer bet to pee in a bush instead.

  2. Get the same cameras the schools have and bust these varmints. Then make them spend a month of Sundays cleaning every toilet at County Jail.

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