Free Speech At Risk In The Peoples Republic Of P.G.

Silence the infidels that’s the way, become the the imperial commander Dan Cort wants to be..
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In April, the City Council tabled a vote on a change in policy that would . . . require those who wanted to address the council to fill out speaker cards. Mayor Dan Cort said the council is seeking to streamline its meeting discussions.

Free Speech At Risk In The Peoples Republic Of P.G.

3 thoughts on “Free Speech At Risk In The Peoples Republic Of P.G.

  1. You know, there are some long-winded folks in this town who think it’s their God-given right to waste the Council’s time by not following protocol. They use up the whole 3 minutes on non-agenda items, which are supposed to go through a process. They mouth off, relishing the sound of their own voices, and then go home, leaving the council and others who are required to stay with mountains of material to cover that take them past 11 p.m.
    Yes, we have free speech in this country, but City Council is not a soapbox. They have work to do. Get over it.
    No, I’m not a Council member.

  2. Mayor Cort does not have the guts to cut people off, or lets those that honor him (sayyyyyy Joy Colon-Jello) go beyond the limit. Costello never let the local kooks like Dilworth go beyond the limit.

  3. After last night’s circus, your point about going beyond the limit is hard to argue with.
    But it’s not necessary to name names. As for Mr. Dilworth, were it not for his efforts, CDFA would be spraying tons of unsafe, untested chemicals on our heads.
    Thanks for your blog, it’s helpful.

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