Nader Agha Breaks Promise To Give Up

Just when you thought Nader Agha would take his phony antiques, coins and sell the Holman Building he comes back again with another hotel pitch.

Armed with architects’ drawings of concepts for the property, Agha said he has reconsidered his idea of abandoning the project in the face of overwhelming support expressed to him for the project.

In December, Agha listed the 84-year-old, 120,000-square-foot Holman Building and the 1.35-acre lot it sits on, as well as four other lots on Fountain Avenue being used for parking and a building across the street at 549 Lighthouse Ave., on the real estate market.

At the time he said he was fed up with nearly 14 years of delays in his attempt to build a luxury hotel on the site.

Holman Hotel

Hundreds more showerheads, flushing toilets, traffic and tourists.
How About No Bear

Nader Agha Breaks Promise To Give Up

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