Mayor Cort DID Call Resident “Moron”

Dan Cort Hs

On March 19, Mayor Cort sent an e-mail to his wife, Beth Cort — the organizer of Trees for PG, a volunteer effort founded and initially funded by the Cort family — referring to Booth’s letter, and asking her to “Please set this moron straight.”

Beth Cort forwarded Booth’s letter and one of her own in rebuttal to all six other members of the City Council, as well as interim City Manager Charlene Wiseman, in a message she said inadvertently included the “moron” remark.

Beth Cort said she didn’t notice the remark was in the forwarded e-mail when she sent it, adding that her husband has since apologized personally to Booth.

And add Beth Cort to the roster of offenders.

Mayor Cort DID Call Resident “Moron”.

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