Did The Mayor Call Mrs. Booth A Moron?

Dan Cort Hs

Georgia Booth dared to stand up and speak out about being contacted by newcomer Thom “Belly” Akeman and his tree posse. Mayor Dan Court also seems to have gotten an email from Georgia, of which he forwarded to his wife. Too bad that she did not snip the Honorable One’s comments before replying to Mrs. Booth . .

Last week Ms. Booth received an email from Beth Cort, the mayor’s wife, responding to Ms. Booth’s concerns about the city’s role in “Trees for PG,” a private group. Ms. Cort’s email contained more than her response to Ms. Booth. Previous communications were attached to the email sent. Among them was an email from Dan Cort to his wife, which read, “Please set this moron straight. Thanks, Dan.

Coming up next week, Mayor Cort will jump a shark at Lovers Point . .

Did The Mayor Call Mrs. Booth A Moron?

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