When Criminal Classes Crash


Drug Possession in Salinas nets 8 years in prison.

Felony Drunk Driving and Felony Hit & Run involving death of innocent person in Carmel nets 5 years.


There’s always a civil penalty. I hope the DUI gets out of prison, loses his Big Sur house & Range Rover SUV and has to live in a halfway house on Sun Street..

When Criminal Classes Crash

3 thoughts on “When Criminal Classes Crash

  1. Man A, leaves a bar after a few refreshments. While driving through the Highlands he hits a bicyclist on one of the many blind curves. Bicyclist exhibits extremely poor judgement by riding the road in the early a.m. hours. Man B, career criminal. Intent on selling his drugs, meth, cocaine, speed, etc. to children and addicts get popped I would say that the that justice has been served. Qweeker

  2. RE: Man A, leaves a bar …
    Man A hit a cyclist; he did not stop to render aid. He called police hours later saying he may have hit something. Police find bicycle parts on his car.

    Man A is a criminal for not stopping to render aid.

    Man A should never be allowed drive again for reckless behavior.

  3. Man X, “Qweeker” makes a thoughtful observation. Man Z, “tim” makes a mean, cynical judgment. Man Z sucks. Qweeker.

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