Oh Those Wharf Chowderheads

It would be more fun to to have a person in a Domenico’s uniform deliver the pagers, but that would take a bit of bravery.

Last fall, according to court documents, Shake began noticing the disappearance of pagers he gives to customers to allow them to wander the wharf while waiting for a table.

Shake, who suspected a competitor was wooing his customers and dumping the devices, hired diver Don Maulhardt to search under the wharf. On two dives, Maulhardt recovered 10 pagers from the harbor’s bottom, allegedly beneath Domenico’s.

Maulhardt in the water beneath Domenico’s when they set up a sting with an undercover officer Nov. 19. That officer posed as a patron with one of the Grotto’s pagers on the wharf. Mercurio allegedly persuaded the officer to dine at his restaurant and took the pager, promising to return it to the Grotto.

Oh Those Wharf Chowderheads

4 thoughts on “Oh Those Wharf Chowderheads

  1. Talk about playing dirty!
    Pretty sad, that this restaurant has to resort to these types of lowdown tactics to get customers in.
    Shame on you competitor.

  2. Mr Editor aka Ed aka Dave

    D-Ho “person” if you can say that, should not be permitted to blog on here.
    He has nothing constructive to say, he just drops the “F-Bomb” whenever and wherever he can.
    He has the IQ of an ant.
    He is overall just a bad egg.
    He should return to the rock from where he crawled out from.

    I am sure many others will agree.


  3. Oh, I’ve known the anger and dissatisfaction of living here. I swore I’d get the heck out and be an engineer at Intel, live in the fast pace of tech over in Silicon Valley. Funny how that never happened and I could not be happier.

    Free speech is still encouraged, but within my moral limits. Say what you want, but say it decently, and be on topic.

    Speaking of on topic, these comments will move to the isle of information after a few days.

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