Dogs And Their Owners – Crazy?

Driving to a place to walk the dog. Kind of like taking an escalator to the gym.

Congress Ext

Over the past three years, the public has been illegally parking and driving in the fire lane area at the Congress Avenue entrance to Rip Van Winkle Open Space.

They have also been parking along the road and driving over tree roots. Alternate access to the open space can only be gained by paying a fee ($9.50) to enter the Country Club Gate to Pebble Beach, or parking in the Methodist Church parking lot on Sunset Drive and fording a gulley.
According to the dog walkers, many of whom are older people with constrained walking abilities, these other options are not workable.

Dogs And Their Owners – Crazy?

5 thoughts on “Dogs And Their Owners – Crazy?

  1. I agree. In this so-called green community and state, I see dog walkers all of the time, driving sometimes just a few blocks away (for example to Asilomar) in their gas-hungry polluting SUV’s to take their dogs for a short walk. H_ll, I even see these hypocrits in my apartment complex driving those same SUV’s a few hundred feet to get their mail! CA is the land of hypocritical tree-huggers.

  2. Why don’t they just park near Forest Grove School? Safer. If you have a bike, though, this is the best place to sneak in to PB on the wknd. Also that trail near Asilomar.

  3. I hope that you RIDE the bicycle to the park when you slip into PB. Also, JSYK, you shouldn’t park AT the school, like in that lovely turnaround they’ve got, because the principal says it’s illegal.

  4. I hope that you RIDE the bicycle to the park when you slip into PB.

    No, I put it in my car and drive to the place I want to ride. LOL. Sounds just as crazy as dog owners driving to a place to walk.

  5. I own a dog, I am certifiably crazy.
    Sometimes, I yell at the bluehairs when they try and run me and “Rupert” down on the crosswalk.
    Sometimes, I throw my coffee grinds and hot oil into my neighbours garden.
    Sometimes, I spike an annoying co-workers chai with salt.
    Please help.

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