Melange Shuts Down


One restaurateur who simply couldn’t hang on is Melange chef-owner David Frappiea, who, along with investors, sunk a substantial chunk of change (estimated at around $200,000) into the old Favaloro’s space (closing for seven months during renovation) to bring us Pacific Grove’s best fine-dining restaurant. But in the current economy, high-end restaurants have suffered the most due to lack of corporate events during the holidays, and diners searching for bargain fare.

Melang menu

$18.50 for a plate of noodles. This eatery seemed so out of place in Pacific Grove. Make way for Olive Garden!

Melange Shuts Down

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  1. From the get-go, we thought they were attempting to be too fancy-pants for PG. We already have plenty of “nice” restaurants in town. Blaming the economy is a cop-out for an overly ambitious business plan and less-than-enticing menu offering. The location felt more like PG’s version of a strip-mall, not a PG “best fine-dining establishment.” Every time we walked by during our regular evening walks, we noticed a startling lack of patrons. What PG needs is a reasonably priced, decent comfort food (like real pizza, stews, and good burgers! – which doubles as perfect for hungry tourists from the Valley), family restaurant and is open throughout the day. Int’l Cuisine does an minimal job with their vat o’ wine offerings, but it does get tiring to eat reheated frozen dishes. And, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to Big Night to find it’s closed, unexpectedly!

  2. One more thing, I sorely miss Scotch Bakery’s cream-filled donuts. I appreciate that the Favaloros knew they couldn’t replicate the old bakery recipes and switched to what they know best.

  3. Jo, you’re correct the menu options on Melange’s bill of faire, they were expensive and too adventurous for the “average folk” Most people here haven’t heard of Foie Gras or would be hard pressed to tell you what a “confit” is. People, here, mainly, just want plentiful familiar food at a reasonable price. Bring on the sloppy joes, meatloaves and *hit on shingle. Putting that type of restaurant in this town was an expensive mistake. I myself, have dined there on a number of ocassions and I really do appreciate the creativity, technique and the ingredients that have gone into a number of his dishes. I know, this type of appreciation is in the minority section, I was raised on fine food and I can and do appreciate it.

    I vote for Applebees in that space, I hate having to drive to Saleeeenas for Applebees.<

  4. Doughnuts!!!!!!!

    Check out Pavels Bakery (across from Grove Market) they have just started selling doughnuts and they are sublime. Each doughnut is obscenely large, probably enough for two people (if you want to share) The jam filled ones are a slice of heaven, puts Krispy Kremes to shame. I bought a box into work the other day and my co-workers went ape over them.

  5. There was an insult in all of that dribble. No problemo. I’ve traveled around the world and often find after many days of local food, I crave good ol’ hearty American fare. I can’t help it. Look down your nose at me if you wish, but I have often shelled out large sums of cash for that very “fine food” you mention. It’s a nice treat on occasion, but when I’m rushed and working late hours, I want food that will satisfy me. This point is something I don’t think the local PG restaurants have taken to heart. My main complaint about the local restaurants is that they mainly look at their business plan from what THEY want, not from what their patrons NEED and are willing to pay for. Do you frequent these restaurants day after day, enough to keep them in business??? Simply because a chef is wonderfully creative doesn’t mean they’ll get people in their doors day after day shelling out 10xs what they can do at home. If you want a successful business, you need to let go of your ego and pay attention to what honestly sells!

  6. One more thing…

    I’ll go to Taste Cafe or Passionfish anytime I want great, comforting food!

  7. Jo!!!!
    Taste and Passionfish are two very fine restaurants, I whole heartedly agree, good choices.
    Jo – I will respond to you in this public forum as opposed to my private email, I don’t know who you are, and the net is full of creeps, I don’t trust it and I don’t reveral my email to any Tom, DICK or Harry.
    In response to your private email. I respond to any post on this site that tickles my fancy, so what, it was two of your posts. BFD. What does that matter? Not a helluva beans, in my opinion.
    Lastly, Dorothy at PGH, who the hell is she? I have no idea what you are talking about.

    That about covers it.

  8. Oy vey! Please, I honestly meant no disrespect, “No Reservations.” I was simply making a guess that you were the columnist Dorothy in the PG Bulletin, of the former Bath House fame. My spouse and I were dining at the recently-departed Pasta Mia and spotted Dorothy and her companion getting the super VIP treatment from the owners. I wouldn’t mind trading-in my day job to be a restaurant reviewer. I’m all for supporting the local businesses.
    For the record, I do not want an Olive Garden or an Applebees in PG. Yuck! Like you, I try not to eat “*hit on a shingle.” And, yes, the next time I’m craving good donuts, I’ll try Pavels – thanks for the recommendation.
    Despite all of this, I think you and I have similar tastes in food. Do you have any thoughts you care to share about Fresh Cream, Fandango, or Whaling Station???

  9. Jo,

    Apology accepted.

    Wish I was a restaurant critic too,I would be in my element. I have quite discriminating taste and discerning expectations as far as service goes and I love trying new restaurants. This past Saturday I lunched at Volcano for the first time (Billy Quon’s somewhat new Hawaiin restaurant) it’s situated out in Carmel Valley Village
    They have about 10 Local Lunch Specials for under $10 I had the Kona Ribs, coleslaw and sweet spud fries with an orange marmalade $8.95 It could not of been any better, either from a service or food standpoint. Billy himself came over a couple of times to ask how things were and our waiter Everett was efficient, polite and attentive.
    Had a Bloody Mary to start off, and it was made to my specifications : stiff and spicy, extra horseradish and two obscenely long pickled green beans. Bit on the pricy side though: $8 for that libation but it was well executed, so I didn’t really mind.
    The Bananas Foster was tremendous. Prepared tableside, with lashings of rum (just as I like it) but hold the nuts! I don’t know what brand that ice cream was (I need to ask) but it was divinity, topped off with a mountain of vanilla fresh cream made this a pure orgasmic delight to my senses.

    The toilet was a unique experience, it is a single stall situation and it has a TV screen in there. It was playing one of those many Hawaiian Elvis Presley films. I found myself just sitting on the cammode, taking a break from it all, watching the film. It was pleasant, until I was rudely interrupted by the door handle being jiggled in a frantic manner. The downside is, there’s only one door into the lavvy, another woman needed to get in, I had to cut short.
    A very pleasant lunch and atmosphere. Seems like whatever Billy touches turns to gold. I rate this restaurant a 5 * Mobil Rating.
    Forks Up!
    Reviewed By:
    ~The girl that is not Dorothy~<

  10. Admin – What happened to all the previously posted remarks on here? Did the site crash?

  11. Didn’t crash – just went off the road a bit. Scraped the guard rail but perfectly drivable.

    I’ll put them back in eventually.

  12. Something wacky is going on with I appreciate what you offer to the online community in PG, so, please, keep it up if you can… regardless of the numerous hassles you must face. As a native PG resident, thank you very much for your efforts.
    To “No Reservations”, on two separate occasions, I have tried to make reservations at Volcano with a party of 6 or more. Considering the reservation set-back, we have yet to try Volcano. It’s too bad, b/c we used to love Billy’s!
    I’m still wondering about your thoughts on Fresh Cream, Fandangos, and Whaling Station.

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