Letters From The Editor – Bicyclists

If it’s not enough getting assaulted or mugged, now it’s harassment by the bike riders.
Bicycle Crash

Recently, my family and I have taken to the Monterey Rec Trail for some relaxing bike riding. The first outing led to my children getting a quick lesson in profanity from a bicyclist who was going at an excessive speed. The second came with another bicyclist crashing into my daughter, leaving her bleeding. Sure, he turned around but never once came back to ensure she was OK.

I find it despicable that these bikers think that they own this Rec Trail and that they are performing the Tour De France. After summoning a police officer he informed me that this Rec Trail is for walkers, runners, and bikers of all ages.

Letters From The Editor – Bicyclists

1 thought on “Letters From The Editor – Bicyclists

  1. I am on the rec trail on a daily basis with my dogs. I have witnessed this scene numerous times. Bikers, usually on the 10 speed racing bikes, riding in an aggressive high-speed manner with in close proximity to the pedestrians. Frequently yelling expletives to pedestrians who wander onto “their” lane or just impeding the pedestrians path. I am surprised there hasn’t been any fatalities on this path with this type of conduct. If these “racers” on their 10 speeds are that serious about the sport they need to get their skinny as*es on to the real roads, i.e. Ocean View Boulevard, then there wouldn’t be any issues, right? In the meantime while we (the pedestrians and the Road Racer Ragers) have to co-exist I would strongly encourage the PGPD to monitor the situation (especially on weekends) with a uniformed police officer on a bicycle prescence.

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