Moammar Talks Stupid . . again

I’ve little issues with the rehab place (except maybe the resulting fewer residential units as a result . .) But “Neighbors”? Moe Ammar needs to be muzzled. Moe lives nowhere near Central & 2nd. My guess is that the residents are performing work for the COC which the COC collects money for.
Baghdad Moe

At the corner of Pacific Grove’s Central Avenue and Second Street sits a lemon-yellow house.

The people in the house all have troubled pasts. Their histories include run-ins with the law, and problems with cocaine, alcohol, painkillers and more.

Moe Ammar, president of Pacific Grove’s Chamber of Commerce, has strong feelings about these people.

“I cannot think of a better neighbor,” he said. “I wish we had more neighbors like them.”

The yellow Victorian is the new site for the Bridge Restoration Ministry, a Christian-oriented residential drug rehabilitation center for men. The center relocated to Pacific Grove from Seaside in May.

The Bridge offers a rigorous, yearlong treatment program that teaches residents the skills to mend lives that have been shattered by drug addiction.

Moammar Talks Stupid . . again

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  1. If you don’t volunteer for the chamber, you don’t get referrals. Period. Heard from a lady who refused to volunteer services & never got referrals.

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