Olga Ospina Suing For Emotional Distress Over Dead Dog


IN A lawsuit that seeks to set a new precedent for damages, a local news anchorwoman is suing the owner of a Labrador for emotional distress after the dog mauled her Maltese last year in front of the Pacific Grove post office.

. . Ospina is also seeking something California courts haven’t awarded before. She wants money for “severe emotional distress” she claims she suffered as a result of her dog being attacked.

Heretofore, “the law limits emotional distress damages to being in the presence of a close human relative who gets injured,” said Ospina’s Monterey attorney, Chuck Warner. “This is unique.”

Courts in most states, including California, view pets as personal property and limit compensation to the fair market value of the pet — including the pedigree of the animal, the purchase price and other criteria.

Noted a year ago – she want’s the other dog dead AND money, money, money

Olga Ospina Suing For Emotional Distress Over Dead Dog

16 thoughts on “Olga Ospina Suing For Emotional Distress Over Dead Dog

  1. Hope she wins big time. To many of us pet owners, our pets ARE our family, so she is due reasonable compensation for her understandable emotional distress. And as an responsible pet owner knows, it is your responsibility to keep your pet under your control at all times, so the Lab owner needs to pay big time.

  2. Olga does deserve compensation for this horrible incident. I have a couple of dogs and they are my family. I would be destroyed if I saw something like this happen to one of mine.

  3. I think the dog must have looked pretty yummy. I mean how could a hungry dog resist? A snack is a snack after all.

  4. get over it dogs die everyday it is unfortunate but its not worth suing over i could understant if it were her husband or chil but this is just plain stupid in my opinion.

  5. I believe the precedent that ms Ospina is trying to set is for when another party deliberately commits a harmful act against the pet (gun shot, hit with trash can, etc.)In this case an 81 year old government employee (FAA Testpilot) is on the phone (cellphone)on conference call with dept of defense and other governmental entities when the Lab squeezes from within the SUV’s ajar window (see air is important for pets in cars), and gets into an altercation with another dog. It is unfortunate nonetheless, but considering that this was NOT intentional I just do not get it!!! Furthermore, if ms. Ospina really is a pet lover then she should also consider that the Lab is someone else’s pet as well, meaning that “a wrong with a wrong does not make it right.” She is extremely persistent on seeking that the Lab be destroyed.(emphasis added). When Michael Vick destroyed dogs he was sent to prison. Perhaps ms.Ospina needs to acknowledge this and move on… Watchdog

  6. I think Miss Ospina (I’m guessing it’s miss, because who would marry such an ice queen) I feel for her losing her pet, but come on!! If you ask me, Miss Ospina wants money and give two **its about her dog. For God sakes, she works for Fox news.. Need I say more? Sorry about your loss, take the money the people have offered to pay and get over yourself… Your life might be hell right now, but you have the power to not pass that hell on. Drop it you selfish woman!

  7. The writers just don’t get it. Pet owners are responsible, both legally and ethically, for maintaining control over their pets at all times. The Lab owner is responsible for his dogs actions … period. His irresponsibility is further evidenced by the fact that he was on his cellphone and not paying attention to his dog’s actions. He should accept the responsibility and compensate the victim for her mental anguish … which as a fellow pet owner, I know is genuine. He is the irresponsible party here.

  8. I love Olga, Her breasts and face is like no other, absolutely amazing and flawless. Truly a genetic lotto winner. Unfortunately her legal pursuit in regards to her unfortunate pet incident is misguided. Going after money for the sake of “monetary gain” is just that. Sorry about your pup Olga, but unfortunately things like this happen from time to time.

    Suck it up and get a rescue dog like a Greyhound or the like. I would pretty much giveanything to hang with you for a day but you are Waaaay off base looking for money to supposedly “compensate” you for the pain of watching you pup gets his butt kicked.

    Call me!

  9. I sincerely believe that she should be reimbursed for her emotional destress. I hope by now she should have recieved something. If not she should pursue it.

  10. Another thing, Olga has done a awesome bio in the magazine 831 that is soooooo genuine and awesome.

  11. I understand her grief, etc. I listened to the closing arguments yesterday at Monterey Superior Court. I hate to say it but I think she is going after money. She was offered $40,000 in a Settlement Conference and refused that offer. Her vet bills amounted to $15K and medical costs totalled approx. $3k. The defense attorney has stipulated that those amounts are not an issue. The issue is to obtain compensation for emotional distress. Her attorney will get approx. 35% of whatever monies are awarded.

    Gee, I would think that the men and women who are serving on foreign soil experience emotional distress at a greater extent. I mean I feel for her loss, but come on.

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